A New Beginning: Week 1

cartoon Mother warning son about hearing loss

Laugh now, but take that ear bud out of your ear or you will know all too well what the title of this blog really means!  Hearing Loss- you think it won’t happen to you?  Think again!

A blog is a great way to communicate information quickly and effectively.  We have tossed around the idea of using a blog in our organization because we could add videos, text, photos, etc.  One of the nice things about a blog is that it is not static like our website so much of what we post on a blog will not have to go through the product review process that is so time consuming and frustrating with the feds.  We are currently creating a Trending Topics page for our site and are modeling it after a blog and have different topics users can filter out and follow.

Blogs are popular right now and seem more personal.  Even when writing about professional topics when written on a blog it just seems easier to connect with the writer.  Often when I read a webiste it feels like the author is some unknown entity and don’t feel personal.  When I read blogs I feel like I get a better sense of who the blogger is and what their agenda happens to be.

Another way I would like to use blogs is to allow guest bloggers add stories for us to share.  One issue is accessibility.  If the person shares a video in ASL (American Sign Language) we will need to get it captioned and voiced before positing it. The same is true if someone submits an audio file- we will need to add captions before posting it.  This can be time consuming and costly depending on the scope of the project!